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History of the Wharf

About The Wharf

The Wharf is a family-friendly restaurant with an iconic reputation on the South Side of Decatur featuring lunch and dinner specials, as well as more than a dozen beers on tap that you can enjoy on the patio. The Wharf has a long history of providing an enjoyable dining experience for families and friends in Decatur, IL!


The Wharf Tavern first opened in the winter of 1969, established by Richard Ogden and Darrell Wilson at 255 W. First Drive. The restaurant was originally a lounge located in the east wing of the Motel Orlando.

In November 1974, The Wharf moved – literally. The 70- by 26-foot building was lifted from its foundation and moved just 300 feet to its current location at 201 W. First Drive. The move allowed for a grocery store expansion in Southtowne Plaza.

Over the years, The Wharf has had different owners, but kept the many of the wharf-theme foods that customers enjoyed.

After being closed for several months for renovations, The Wharf reopened in late 2016 under new ownership. Corinne Ross and her daughter, Cori, gave the Decatur-famous bar a fresh look with new floors, appliances and an updated design. The Wharf has some new menu items, as well as classic favorites. The Wharf that has offered food, family and fun for more than 40 years and we look forward to serving the community for many years to come!

 Show your love of The Wharf with Wharf Merch - available now!

 Show your love of The Wharf with Wharf Merch – available now!